Use Case
Smart Warning System
When it’s absolutely critical to know immediately if your indoor air quality isn’t meeting the safety standards needed for your business operations, our systems can alert you in real time so you can take action to mitigate risk and restore optimal indoor air conditions.”
Smart Warning System Example
How Higher Education Uses TelosAir Smart Warnings for Optimal Indoor Air Management

Active Monitoring
CO2 concentrations in Room-230 are high and rising – above 1000 ppm.

Facilities Manager Receives Alert
“CO2 concentrations in Room-230 are high and rising – above 1000 ppm. Remediate now?”

Facilities Manager Takes Action
Remediation actions are in place

BAS Open Air Vents
High CO2 in the building triggers the Building Automation System (BAS) to open the louvers in the outdoor air vent

TelosAir Controls Balance
Outside particle concentrations are high, the downstream louver system is operated such that part of the flow is filtered through a MERV 16 filter so that the average particle concentration in the room is acceptable

CO2 Levels in Room 230: NORMAL
The room CO2 stays below the set value of 1200ppm – never exceeding it.

Smart Warning Case Studies

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