Use Case
Filter but Verify
Filtration systems in large commercial environments are often treated as “set-and-forget,” initially installed and configured for certain performance standards but then never monitored for continuing adherence to those standards. In order to understand how the performance of these filtration systems degrades over time, and how to mitigate and restore performance, it is essential to understand air flow patterns between different spaces, the presence of different types and sizes of particulate matter, and other indicators. These indicators can then ensure that you make the HVAC and filtration system modifications needed (such as filter replacements, increased or decreased airflow, change in vent placements, the location of purifiers, and so on) to ensure optimal air quality standards for your spaces.
Optimizing Health & Business Outcomes Example
How a Texas Retail Facility uses TelosAir Building Operational Support System for Energy-Efficiency & Healthy-Air Focused Automation

Client makes major changes to filtration system
Big-box retailer installs new air purification system in 500,000sf space and needs not only to verify performance of the new system, but also to fine-tune the existing air-filtration components to ensure both safety and energy efficiency

Recognize Trends v. Time of Day
At night-time, the concentration of CO2 in the facility is low as there is no one in the building. The outdoor concentration of particles is high.

Intelligent Decisions
TelosAir dashboard makes intelligent decision for best case scenario

OPTION 1: Outdoor
Bringing outdoor air will result in no change in CO2, but increase the concentration of particles, which could result in contaminating sensitive components in the store.

OPTION 2: Recirculate
The system automatically defaults to recirculate air – this ensures thermal comfort is maintained while also ensuring safe air.

Better Outcomes
With TelosAir’s continuous indoor air quality monitoring and analytics, the client found the best configuration options for both the new air purification components as well as the existing air filtration system, resulting in safer air and lower energy costs.

Filter but Verify Case Studies

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