Explore Specific Solutions for Better Health & Business Outcomes

Explore the following use-cases for how TelosAir’s complete solution can help achieve specific indoor air quality outcomes for your people and facilities.

Sustainable Operations

We help provide a healthy, safe, and productive environment for your people and your operations, and at the same time increase energy efficiency, reduce GHG emissions, and help meet your sustainability goals.
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Smart Warning System

When it’s absolutely critical to know immediately if your indoor air quality isn’t meeting the safety standards needed for your business operations, our systems can alert you in real time so you can take action to mitigate risk and restore optimal indoor air conditions.
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Optimizing Health and Business Outcomes

You don’t have to choose between energy efficiency and healthy indoor air: with TelosAir’s Building Automation Systems integration , you can have both, saving energy and improving indoor air quality at the same time.
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Industrial Air Balancing

In industrial applications, it’s critical to understand indoor air flow patterns between different spaces in order to know where to place vents, locate purifiers, how to adjust airflow, and what other HVAC modifications need to be made in order to ensure optimal air quality standards for your advanced manufacturing operation.
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Custom Configurations Available

TelosAir’s unique combination of advanced, actionable analytics, integration with building management systems, and cutting-edge air sensors offers almost limitless flexibility, allowing us to configure a solution that meets your unique needs for health, safety, and energy efficiency.
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