With Indoor Air Quality Analytics Better Health and
Sustainability Outcomes
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We Analyze the Invisible to Provide Insights for Air Quality Optimization

TelosAir’s cutting-edge indoor air quality sensors, AI-enabled analytics and insights, and integration with building management systems allow you to see clearly what’s in the air you breathe and how to make it safer and healthier.

Air Quality Sensors

Deploy our mesh-networked, cloud-connected sensors for seamless air quality monitoring.
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Partner with TelosAir experts for fast and targeted diagnosis of your indoor air quality.
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Continuous Monitoring

Use our AQuaaS system for 24/7 air quality monitoring, fault detection diagnostics, and remediation.
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Our Air Quality Experts are ready to help you.

Learn more about our sensors, our indoor air quality diagnostics, and/or our complete AQUaaS system of sensors, data, analytics, and building management system integration and how they can provide you 24×7 peace of mind with continuous monitoring of your indoor air.

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