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Public Sector
Government and municipal offices are spaces where large numbers of elected officials, staff, and the public gather every day and interact closely. Reducing the transmission of airborne disease in such close conditions is critical, and a clean, particle-free office can minimize the probability of disease transmission, improve health and safety, improve productivity, and reduce legal liability.
TelosAir Air Quality and Ventilation Management Dashboard

TelosAir sensors can integrate with building management systems or operate independently to control and optimize the ventilation and air purification systems in government and municipal buildings.

Our sophisticated analytics use the data from our sensors to ensure high quality air under energy-efficient conditions – critical for public offices. We can even help you determine the efficacy of third-party air purification systems, and the best placement of such systems throughout municipal offices.

Real World Scenarios

Providing constituents with the peace of mind that their public spaces are healthy and safe enough to host their citizens, constituents, and stakeholders, through monitoring such spaces and alerting staff to potential health hazards

Validating the efficacy of air filtration systems, and optimizing placement of air purification systems to ensure high performing building air infrastructure

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