Industry Focus
Air quality in industrial facilities is strongly dependent upon the balance of particle generation activities and ventilation. Milling, painting, sanding, vapor deposition, and other manufacturing processes insert vast numbers of particles into the air circulating within manufacturing facilities, and ventilation systems must be able to react quickly and appropriately to ensure that these particles are managed not only to ensure the safety of the people in those facilities, but also to ensure that the particles generated from activities in one area of the facility (e.g., welding) don’t impact activities in another area (e.g., assembly or painting).

Appropriately placed ventilation and purification systems can ensure that employees in industrial facilities have a safe and productive workplace, and also help avoid business disruptions caused by particles negatively impacting manufacturing processes (e.g., deposition of unwanted particles on a finished product).

Using TelosAir’s real-time air quality monitoring and advanced analytics, facilities managers and building operations teams can identify sources of particles and redirect ventilation resources appropriately so that the air is safe for both the people who work in those facilities as well as for the precision machinery and processes that rely on clean, particle-free air for their operation.

Our systems can also be used to optimize the operation of the ventilation systems to ensure that they are run in a compliant, and energy-efficient manner.

Real World Scenarios

Real-time monitoring of particles and airflow in and between different areas of a manufacturing facility, and minimizing business disruptions by issuing alerts when unwanted particles are found.

Strengthening compliance posture with environmental and HR regulations such as OSHA, as well as improving energy efficiency and ESG goals.

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