How It Works

Our cloud-connected air quality sensors monitor critical environmental variables for indoor air using a wireless mesh network.

Sensors integrate with your Building Management Systems for seamless monitoring and control.

Cloud-based analytics guide our clients to improve their energy efficiency, detect and diagnose faults, and optimize system maintenance.

Air Quality Sensors

Our air quality sensors detect gas and particle concentrations as well as general air properties. The compact sensor design allows for flexible deployment on a desk, wall, or mounted directly on HVAC ducts.  

Our sensor units communicate with each other and with a central Gateway through a radio mesh network.  Thus, there are no messy data wires to connect, just power (24V AC, 5V DC, or 110/240 V AC).

TelosAir Air Quality and Ventilation Management Dashboard

Data Capture via Mesh Network

The mesh network allows for sensor placement throughout a facility while ensuring efficient data collection by a central Gateway.  The Gateway can communicate with the facilities building management system using BACnet/IP.  The Gateway also communicates with our cloud server for advanced online data analytics.

Cloud-Based Analytics Dashboard

Our cloud-based AI Engine extracts underlying insights from the data necessary for source identification, mapping air flow patterns, and identifying potential faults in your HVAC system. 

These insights are visualized clearly and intuitively through the TelosAir Dashboard. Generate automated reports, explore your data more deeply, and download graphics and raw data for further analysis or presentation from the Dashboard.

Air Quality Optimization

Optimize the operation of your HVAC system by integrating our analytics with your building management systems, either directly through BACnet/IP or via manual intervention, to provide healthier indoor air quality, while minimizing energy use.

Our analytics will help guide you in setting optimal air exchanges, timely filter replacements, or spaces that need additional air purification technologies.

An End-to-End Solution
Monitoring What Matters to
Visualize Your Facility’s Air Quality

Learn More with A Free Consultation

We provide consulting services to help you diagnose your indoor air quality, as well as our complete AQUaaS system of sensors, data, analytics, and building management system integration to provide you 24 x 7 peace of mind with continuous monitoring of your indoor air.

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