Meet the Easy-to-Install System that will Transform What you Know About Your Air

At TelosAIr, we are driven to improve lives by monitoring and improving the quality of the air people breathe. The EPA reports that Americans spend 87% of their time indoors, so indoor air quality has a tremendous impact on our well-being. Our complete, end-to-end solutions provide the best way not only to monitor the air you breathe, but also to improve air quality by integrating our cloud-based data analytics with building management systems. Our cutting-edge data visualization will allow you to “see” and track changes in your air quality, and assure you that it is safe to breathe.

How It Works

Our miniaturized sensor unit, Duet, monitors all environmental variables critical for a sensitive facility and relays data through a wireless mesh network to a central gateway. Units integrate seamlessly with existing Building Management Systems and our cloud analytics guides our clients to improve their energy efficiency, detect and diagnose faults, and optimize system maintenance.

Air Monitoring Sensors

Our air monitoring sensors can detect the concentrations of particles in different size channels (0.3 µm to 10 µm), air properties (Temperature, pressure, and relative humidity), and gas phase concentrations (CO2 and TVOCs).  The sensors can be placed on a desk, wall, or mounted directly on HVAC ducts.  The small size of the units (fits on a palm) allows for flexible deployment throughout your facility.

Facility-Wide Network

Our sensor units communicate with each other and with a central Gateway through a radio mesh network.  Thus, there are no messy data wires to connect, just power (24V AC, 5V DC, or 110/240 V AC).  The mesh network allows for sensor placement throughout a facility while ensuring efficient data collection by a central Gateway.  The Gateway can communicate with the facilities building management system using BACnet/IP.  The Gateway also communicates with our cloud server for advanced online data analytics.

Web App for Data, Analytics, and Reports

The sensor data is available to building operators through the Gateway.  Additionally, all data will be available through an advanced dashboard that will display real-time information through rich, intuitive visualization.  The dashboard will also provide access to our advanced analytics that will provide you deep intelligence about your air and air-handling systems.  Our visualization and analytics will help identify long term trends in air quality, map air flow movement patterns, and identify the presence of particle generating sources.  Information from our analytics can help system maintenance, optimize mitigation measures, and guide facility changes in response to unexpected internal and external events.

Air Quality, Visualized

The Securely Networked System Generates Visual Representations of Your Facility’s Air Quality

(Air QUality as a Service)

TelosAIr Makes it Easy With Multiple AQUaaS Offerings

Contact us for cost-effective monthly pricing based on the package, number of sensors installed, and number and size of the spaces in your facility.