Use Case
Industrial Air Balancing
In industrial applications, it’s critical to know how indoor air is flowing between different spaces in order to know where to place vents, how to adjust airflow, whether additional outside air is needed, and what other ventilation and HVAC modifications need to be made in order to optimize airflow critical to your advanced manufacturing operation.
Industrial Air Balancing Example
How TelosAir Helps Optimize Building Planning for Optimal Work Outcomes

Before TelosAir
Air flows were transmitting particles from the welding operation to the adjacent painting operation, impacting the quality of the operation and disrupting the manufacturing process

Installed Sensors
Our sensor network identifies the flow path of welding particles, providing the facilities manager about the locations where adding additional ventilation vents can help

Through particle detection and optimal placement of vents and air filters, the particle flow patterns between indoor areas was minimized ensuring high performance production operations

Industrial Air Balancing Case Studies

Sam’s Club partners with TelosAir to Measure Effectiveness of Air Purification program

The Challenge The Sam’s Club’s NOW store in Dallas, Texas, wanted to maximize the safety of their indoor space for employees and customers. They started with large and small air purifiers...