TelosAir Sensors
Build a Network of Air Quality Monitoring Sensors

Small, sleek, and nearly silent, these sensors are deployed throughout your facility and networked together to gather unique, targeted data from every corner of every room.

Real-time Monitoring
Duet Sensor

The Duet Sensor can operate as a standalone unit, or in a mesh network with other duet sensors through a central gateway (link), to provide you with unparalleled data on your indoor air quality throughout your facility, every 3 seconds.

The Duet Sensors are the backbone of our complete AQUAS air-quality as a service offering, an end-to-end solution to monitor, analyze, and improve the quality of indoor air throughout your facility.

Analyzing Biological Particles
Trac-B Biocollector


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    Quality of Monitoring
    Providing Ultra-Rich, Location-Specific, Air Quality Data

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