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Monitoring Sensors
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Duet Sensor

  • Monitor temperature, relative humidity, CO, CO2, VOCs, particulate matter in critical size ranges
  • Small, attractive, easy to install, self-configuring
  • Attaches automatically to internet gateway and captures critical data every 3 seconds
  • Stores data automatically and securely to the TelosAir cloud
  • Comes with access to the TelosAir dashboard

Trio Sensor

  • Advanced capture of biological particles using user-replaceable cartridge
  • Small, attractive, easy to install
  • Collection cartridge is easy to remove and install, easy to send back to TelosAir for detailed analysis of sampled biological particles


  • Connects Duet Sensors to the TelosAir cloud for fast, accurate data capture
  • Small, attractive, easy to install, self-configuring
  • Connected via wifi, ethernet, or cellular

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